EduCHAMPS Academy, a leading specialist in academic enrichment programme, nurtures every individual to be a champion via ADVANCED BRAIN TRAINING and the 5 ‘A’s METHOD.

EduCHAMPS Vision

Creating the most effective enrichment programmes within the framework of meticulously crafted curricula delivered by experienced coaches.


EduCHAMPS Mission

We aim to develop every student to be a capable leader by discovering the potential of each child and fostering the genius within him or her.

EduCHAMPS Academy
 is based on the principle of awakening the capacities that exist within every individual. We believe that every child possesses untapped abilities and his or her potential to excel remains paramount to our corporate focus.

EduCHAMPS Academy enrichment programmes

  • allow students to achieve results more quickly and efficiently
  • help all students to excel in their studies
  • develop their courage to move beyond previously defined ‘limits’ into a new domain of confidence.

At EduCHAMPS Academy, we work to reframe students’ habitual associations in relation to school and learning, to stimulate and ignite intrinsic motivation. Through our extensive curriculum development, we have made headway into techniques of helping children learn how to store and recall information, adapt effective study skills and be motivated in their studies through strategies ranging from the ‘forgotten’ historical insights through to brain-mapping technologies and empirical educational approaches.

Our mission is to challenge and improve educational standards because we believe that the beginning of the twenty-first century is the time to be living – and learning – for the future. Our philosophy is ‘There is no failure, only feedback’.


EduCHAMPS Academy has developed a methodology known as ADVANCED BRAIN TRAINING and 5 ‘A’s METHODTM (Active Understanding, Active Storage, Active Recall, Active Analysis and Advance Application). This approach is one of whole  brain stimulation and of maintaining a good equilibrium between the right and left hemispheres.**

Its differentiation is its significant results:

  • memory capacity will increase tremendously
  • the brain’s information processing capability will heighten
  • speed of learning will accelerate

ADVANCED BRAIN TRAINING and 5 ‘A’s METHOD starts with first building a strong foundation using a wide range of training aids and materials to enable its students to capture the unique characteristics and abilities of the whole brain. Visually stimulating training aids are included to strengthen the power of image visualisation paving the way for remarkable memory and imagination.

With a sound foundation to build upon, ADVANCED BRAIN TRAINING and 5 ‘A’s METHOD is incorporated into our lessons making use of powerful tools like IQ Development, Language Acquisition, Computer-Like Math Calculation, Photographic Memory, Speed Reading and Speed Listening Ability, High Speed Data Processing Skill, Perfect Pitch in Music and Creative Ability that will empower the student to hone his or her giftedness , sharpen his or her creativity and utilise his or her learning ability to the maximum.

“We develop and deliver quality educational programmes which build on each student’s strengths, nurturing every child to be champion.”