Why study H2 Biology in JC?

Biology is all around us. It involves the study of living things: the diversity of life, the structure and function of living organisms and their interactions with the natural environment. It is a fascinating subject which is rapidly changing and is having an ever increasing impact on everyday life. It is very much a science and involves testing ideas through planning, implementing and evaluating experimental evidence. Biology is fun and will develop your understanding of yourself and the world you live in.

The skills you will develop through JC H2 Biology are widely valued by many employers making it a good entry route into a variety of careers. Students have become doctors, dentists, veterinary surgeons, physiologists, physiotherapists, midwives, marine biologists, researchers, teachers, journalists, forensic scientists, pharmacists and many more have entered other non-scientific occupations.


The Course

At EduCHAMPS, our experienced trainers will provide our students with a good foundation in Cell and Molecular Biology and also give them the opportunity to study how life works at the cellular and molecular level. The topics covered in our JC H2 Biology tuition programme include Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry, DNA Science and Genomics, Genetics (including the Genetics of Viruses and Bacteria), Diversity and Evolution, and the Applications of Molecular and Cell Biology.

After attending our JC H2 Biology tuition programme, students should be able to put forward hypotheses and design experiments to test them.

Our trainers will also advise students on the wide variety of career possibilities in the emerging biological sciences.

Examination: Students undertake four components.

• One paper with multiple-choice questions.
• One paper of structured and free-response questions, based on core topics.
• One paper of structured and free response questions, based mainly on application topics
• School-based Science Practical Assessment.


  • Here at EduCHAMPS the pupils are taught by well-qualified and highly experienced JC teachers.
  • Our teachers are available before and after lessons to assist students with their regular homework problems or with any other issues.
  • All lessons are taught in well-equipped classrooms, allowing teachers to integrate aids like audio-visual software and 3D models into their lessons to enhance their understanding of difficult issues