The General Paper curriculum aims to enable Junior College students to better understand the world in which they live by fostering a critical awareness of various historical, political, economic and social issues. Through this, JC students will broaden their global outlook while remaining mindful of shared historical and social experiences both within Singapore and the region.

The syllabus also aim to develop skills like:

  • maturity of thought
  • application of creative reading skills
  • creative thinking skills
  • clear, accurate and effective communication skills
  • ability to evaluate arguments and opinions
  • ability to do extensive and independent research and reading


The Course

At EduCHAMPS, General Paper is taught through tutorials where students engage in group and class discussions, learn to present arguments through oral presentations and written work. Resource packages with extensive reading material on various topics, multimedia resources and current affairs supplements are also made available to students.

Examination: Students undertake 2 components.

Paper 1 Essay – comprising writing an essay out of 12 questions.

Paper 2 Comprehension – comprising structured questions.


  • Here at EduCHAMPS the pupils are taught by well-qualified and highly experienced JC teachers.
  • Our teachers are available before and after lessons to assist students with their regular homework problems or with any other issues.
  • All lessons are taught in well-equipped classrooms, allowing teachers to integrate aids like audio-visual software and documentaries into their lessons to enhance their understanding of geo-political and social-economic issues