Result Guaranteed Scheme (RGS): For P 1 to P 6 (English, Chinese, Mathematics & Science) and P 3 Gifted Education Programme (GEP) Screening and Selection Test (English, Mathematics & General Ability):

EduCHAMPS Academy, a leading specialist in academic enrichment programme, nurtures every individual to be a champion via ADVANCED BRAIN TRAINING and 5 ‘A’s METHOD. Equipped with Concept Mapping Technique (CMT), effective answering technique (SACC Method), Higher Order Thinking Strategies (HOTS), Weekly Academic Report (WAR) and School Management System, we are the first to introduce the Result Guaranteed Scheme (RGS) for Primary 1 to Primary 6 (English, Chinese, Mathematics & Science) and Primary 3 Gifted Education Programme (GEP) Screening and Selection Test (English, Mathematics & General Ability).

How does it work?

Parents pay a lump sum depending on the level of the student and whether the student is enrolled in a ‘grade improvement’ guaranteed scheme, ‘top result’ guaranteed scheme or passing Gifted Education Programme (GEP) test. If students do not achieve the agreed grades, agreed improvements in their end-of-year examination or pass the Gifted Education Programme (GEP) Test, half of the lump sum (50%) of tuition fees will be refunded.

When parents sign their children up for the scheme, each application is studied seriously by a master teacher, in consultation with the senior teacher. The students and parents have to undergo an interview. Past examination scripts or test scripts are to be submitted for analysis prior to the interview.

Result Guaranteed Scheme (RGS) is a tripartite approach to help the students attain the desired results possible. For the student, it is a target that he or she aims at; for the parents, it is a commitment to believe in the ability of their child. For the teacher in EduCHAMPS, approving the application and accepting the student into the Result Guaranteed Scheme (RGS), is sending a confidence booster to the student that we believed he or she can achieve this grade. We believed that every child can be nurtured and this is the company’s motto: Nurturing Every Child.