Phonics Genius is a complete, systematic & comprehensive phonics programme that guarantees reading, spelling, and answering comprehension within the shortest time possible.

Phonics Genius is a thorough and systematic approach that focuses all the energy of children on learning the shapes and sounds of the alphabet and phonemes, ensuring reading and spelling success in an enjoyable and multisensory approach.

Phonics Genius is developed to teach children to become strong readers and spellers through an oral (speaking), phono (hearing), visual (seeing), kinesthetic (moving) and tactile (touching) whole-brain approach. Not only are the children taught phonics, they are also taught the skills of using phonics which result in them being able to read independently 2 or 3 years above their peers. These same children then become enthusiastic readers and learners as they gain their confidence in reading.

Phonics Genius comprises of two progressive stages to ensure that your child ‘s potential to read, write and spell is gradually developed and enhanced through a systematic approach that has proven to be most effective.  The two stages are:
Phonics Genius 1
Phonics Genius 2