English Language

The English curriculum aims to enable students to excel in all examinable components (grammar, synthesis & transformation, comprehension, cloze, vocabulary and composition). Through these, students will broaden their global outlook while remaining mindful of shared historical and social experiences both within Singapore and the region. It also promotes in-depth thinking of the world around us through the inclusion of general knowledge passages and highly regarded student newspapers like IN, Little Red Dot & What’s up.

Chinese Language/ Mother Tongue

EduCHAMPS is renowned for its fun-filled, multisensory approach to teaching Chinese. Our programmes help our students enjoy the classes through social interaction, hands-on projects, creative and interactive teaching. Our comprehensive curriculum follows Ministry of Education standards.


Our lessons are inquiry based. This means our teachers teach concepts not just by telling but by asking relevant questions that engage your child to think. This is further enhanced with hands-on activities, visualisation methods [Concept Mapping Techniqueand Brainpower] and effective answering techniques (SACC method) which will lead to a firm mastery in Science.


The Mathematics curriculum aims to stretch our students through stimulating and non-routine questions, in addition to IQ-based and critical thinking questions. Heuristics and innovative problem solving techniques will also be covered.


We have GEP Preparatory programmes specially designed to reveal some of the best features of the Gifted Education Programme  in order to nurture all pupils to their fullest potential. Students will be highly motivated to acquire a strong mastery of the subjects they are working on.

We also have Math Olympiad programmes specially designed to help students (Primary 4 to Primary 6) win medals and gain recognition for the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary School (SMOPS) at NUS High, Raffles Institution Primary Math World Contest (RIPMWC) at Raffles Institution and the Asia-Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (APMOPS) at Hwa Chong Institution.

Finally we offer EduCHAMPS DSA-Sec Classes in preparing all Primary 5 to 6 students in their DSA-Secondary Admission. We prepare students in English, Mathematics, Science and general ability components such as GAT (general ability testing) and HAT (higher ability testing).

Students will acquire strong logical and process thinking skills, good study habits, enhanced concentration ability and good time management. Students also attain willpower to learn and to score distinctions and excel in their preparation towards their PSLE Examination.