K1 & K2 Right Brain Training

EduCHAMPS is renowned for its fun-filled, multisensory approach to teach Chinese. Our programmes help students enjoy the classes through literacy training, situational learning, hand-on-project, creative and interactive teaching. Our comprehensive curriculum follows Ministry of Education (MOE) standards and the students have both one-to-one oral reading practices, listening comprehension techniques and practices. Students will also acquire overall language appreciation. Good study habits, enhanced contraction abilities and good time management.

The syllabus also aims to develop skills like:

  • Character recognition training to enhanced literacy skill.
  • Enhanced vocabulary competency
  • equipping student with various techniques for composition writing。 Model essay provide example of various methods to start, link and conclude an essay.
  • Improved skill in answering comprehension questions.
  • Accurate enunciation, intonation and fluency in reading via   interactive listening and one-to-one oral reading practices.
  • generate interest in Chinese Language and enrich vocabulary learning via extracurricular reading.